Merccy McInerney | The Space Project Co.

KBDi Designer Member
Geelong | VIC | VIC State-wide

I am a fully qualified interior designer and the owner of The Space Project Co. My passion for interior design comes from my constant search to improve the lifestyles of the people that I love.

I created The Space Project Co. with the intent to help home-owners with renovations and furnishing their homes and for business owners to be able to bring their brand story to life.

I love to help busy households inject personality into their homes through colour, furniture, accessories and custom solutions for home and business owners that are renovating and refreshing their space and need the support and guidance during the selection and sourcing process.

I believe in pure forms, textures inspired by nature and the organic materials as the elements to achieve a space where you can breathe freely and where you can find comfort and be yourself. The most meaningful part of my work is working alongside my clients and being able to take them through their design journey and seeing projects come to life.

I believe each home and business has its individuality and character, so it is essential to convey that in every project I do.

Services Offered:

  • Concept Design/Design Development
  • Design & Documentation
  • Project Consultancy/Management


Specialty Areas:

  • Kitchen Design
  • Bathroom Design
  • Interior Design


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