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Accredited designers represent excellence in kitchen and bathroom design. They demonstrate a high level of skills in design and documentation, verified by a panel of industry peers, and commit to ongoing learning and professional development through a CPD accrual program.

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The profession of interior design – specifically, kitchen and bathroom design – is not regulated by the Australian Government nor legally protected in any way. This means that any individual may call themselves a designer regardless of their level of experience (i.e. little to ample), training (informal or formal) or qualifications.

This presents a challenge for consumers looking to find a suitably experienced design professional. It also disadvantages those who’ve worked hard to establish themselves as skilled designers, whether through formal education, years of experience or a combination of both.

We’re proud to have Members with impressive and well-earned design qualifications who’ve continued to learn as their assessments and tutors are replaced with real projects and challenging clients.

Likewise, we love the contribution of Members with extensive trade and practical experience and learned-on-the-job design skills.

In both cases, the capacity to provide evidence of a high level of design and documentation skills, along with a substantial amount of experience, is what we believe can legitimise an individual calling themselves a designer.

In response to this, KBDi has developed a comprehensive accreditation program with two primary purposes:

  • to provide a highly-regarded credentialing system for designers committed to their profession, and
  • to give confidence to consumers looking for skilled and experienced design professionals.

Who can apply for KBDi Accreditation?

Accreditation is only available to KBDi Designer* Members who meet the criteria set out in our KBDi Accreditation Process Overview (download a copy by completing the form below).

Upon successful completion of an Accreditation Assessment, candidates are awarded one or both of the following titles (depending on their experience and submission):

  • KBDi Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD Au)
  • KBDi Certified Bathroom Designer (CBD Au)

Being a KBDi Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD Au) and/or a Certified Bathroom Designer (CBD Au) represents excellence in kitchen and bathroom design.

*A KBDi Designer Member is a Member who has a formal design qualification and/or three years or more of verifiable experience.

Ready to step up?

Request a copy of the KBDi Accreditation Process Overview using the form below, or contact us for more information.

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