KBDi Code of Ethics

When submitting an application to join the Kitchen & Bathroom Designers Institute, new (and renewing) members are acknowledging their commitment to client responsibilities and relations, and the strength of their profession as a whole, through adherence to the following Code of Ethics:

Client Responsibilities and Relations

I will always strive to achieve high standards of service, and maintain technical currency and competency through professional development.

I will be informed of the laws applicable to my business duties, and all other essential facts and public policies which affect my business duties. I will duly comply with all requirements by statute or common law.

I will, at all times, conduct business with honesty and integrity, and perform in free competition with others.

Further to the above, all new and renewing Members of KBDi must agree to comply to the following Code of Conduct:

KBDi Code of Conduct

I will refrain from criticising the actions or damaging the reputation of competitors who are KBDi Members, either directly or by implication, in any forum (including social media).

I will not publicly broadcast discussion and/or complaint of commercial matters between myself, KBDi, other Members or Sponsors, in any forum (including social media).

I will not misrepresent my status of KBDi Membership, and will not use post nominals associated with KBDi accreditation (i.e. CKD Au and/or CBD Au) without the relevant credentials and approval.

I will not in any way misrepresent my product or service in any form of advertisement and I will ensure that all claims and descriptions made in any such form of advertising are genuine and in no way misleading.

I will proactively attempt to resolve client complaints if and when they arise.

As a member of KBDi, I shall maintain and enhance the reputation, standing and good name of KBDi and the industry as a whole.

Should any member breach the Code of Ethics or Code of Conduct, the KBDi Board may deal with the member by any of the following:

  • reprimand
  • suspension of membership
  • expulsion from the KBDi in accordance with its Constitution Clause 2.7.