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High-tech surfaces for greater climate protection

By Selina Zwolsman posted 21 days ago


A message from our Corporate Plus Partner, Grass.

Recent developments in powder coating technologies have enabled GRASS to make considerable environmental improvements in this area. New system technologies and optimised production processes in the supply chain enable a total CO2 saving of 1,476 tonnes per year.

What does this mean for our customers and the environment?

By utilising our product that has been processed using this latest high-tech coating technology, just 1.9 kitchens containing 15 drawers in each, we can save as much CO2 as a tree absorbs per year.

According to WLTP*, the average CO2 emissions of a car equates to 116 g/km. By optimising the production processes for coatings, we can reduce CO2 emissions by an amount corresponding to 12.7 million kilometres or 289 laps around the earth by car per year.

Similarly, one beech tree binds 12.5 kg of CO2 per year. The total CO2 savings of 1,476 tonnes therefore corresponds to 118,000 trees.

The coating process exclusively uses solvent-free, energy-saving, low-temperature powder coatings with significantly reduced curing and throughput times. Furthermore, loss of coating material can be largely avoided by recovering coating powder that is not retained on the product, known as overspray. This saves energy, resources and protects the environment.

The movement is green.

Learn more about Grass here.


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