The KBDi Team

The KBDi team is a small but powerful force and an utterly adaptable crew. But our role flexibility (i.e. how we wear many hats) can confuse people. Below we’re sharing a little about each of the names you’ll see in your inbox and explaining who does what here at KBDi.

Management Team

Leanne Hall

General Manager

Leanne Hall has been with the KBDi for almost ten years, and her expert event planning and business development skills working with both Members and Partners have been invaluable. She’s proven to be an outstanding office manager and forms one part of the management team in her role as General Manager. Leanne works closely with Greg and Selina in strategic planning and ensures that KBDi continues to deliver to Members and Partners alike.

Greg Grant CKD Au

Business Manager

Former KBDi Executive Director Greg Grant CKD Au has stepped into the central role of Business Manager. With his highly successful business experience and borderline obsession with budgeting, Greg takes care of KBDi’s financial management. He ensures every dollar of your membership fee is appropriately allocated and invested into the industry that buoys us all. With a long list of events and to-dos on the KBDi calendar, Greg assists in managing project delivery and help us realise our big-picture goals. And finally, team engagement and strategic planning round out his role.

Selina Zwolsman CKD Au CBD Au

Design and Communications Manager

Like Leanne, Selina Zwolsman CKD Au CBD Au has been a familiar face to the KBDi community for many years. For over a decade, Selina has crafted articles, bulletins and all kinds of editorial and technical resources for KBDi Members. Her exceptional design skills are put into good practice each year as our KBDi Awards judging coordinator. Selina is committed to the ongoing professional development of Australia’s finest designers and, with the title of Design and Communications Manager, rounds out our executive management trio.


Lorena Nelson

Manager – Major Events

As her title suggests, Lorena takes care of the ‘major events’ on the KBDi calendar, including our annual National Conference and always-spectacular Awards Galas. For over ten years, Lorena has worked her magic producing seamless events for KBDi Members and Partners and ensuring our biggest get-togethers go off without a hitch. We especially love to watch her at work at our Gala dinners; with her no-nonsense nature and (sometimes scary) direction, Lorena ensures the service is swift, and your glasses are charged at all the right times. When she’s not within earshot, we call her ‘The Major’ and sincerely admire her event management efficiency. Outside work hours, Lorena loves to lean on her Italian heritage cooking up fabulous feasts and is a keen traveller, too.

Bronwyn Cheales

Assistant – Membership & Events

Bronwyn is affectionately known as MacGyver in the KBDi office – with her outstanding problem-solving capabilities, she’s our go-to when things go pear-shaped and an absolute asset to the team. Bron’s title doesn’t come close to describing her roles and responsibilities because her wide breadth of skillsets is hard to pigeonhole into any one position. But if you have queries about upcoming events, general membership, access to the member portal, or your Find a Designer profile, she’s bound to be able to help. Outside of the office, Bron wields a mean stick on the hockey field and is a busy and capable Mum of three mini MacGyvers.

Tamara Hughes

Administration & Engagement

Tamara will likely be the first person you speak with after joining KBDi. She’s our official onboarding expert and is always keen to ensure you get the most bang for your buck with membership. Tamara is our numbers whiz, too, so if you have a question about fees or finance, she’s the one to chase. She has a wicked sense of humour and a (potentially dangerous) craze for crime novels – with her in-depth knowledge of disposing of bodies, we’ve learned to keep her on our good side here in the office.

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