Pinky Makaude

KBDi Designer Member
Illawarra | NSW | South Coast | Southern Highlands | Sydney City | Sydney South

At Covet Kitchens we take the time to understand your lifestyle, space and needs to help create a customised and refined kitchen design.

We know good planning and design is fundamental to ensuring your kitchen provides inspiration every day, so we take the time to understand your individual needs and will provide exceptional service and assist you through to final installation of your kitchen project.

Spending time to plan your kitchen with us will ensure you create a functional and stylish layout with durable and easy-to-clean materials. Our cabinets are supplied with clever fittings that will provide you with a high-quality kitchen that fits your space, style and living habits.

Covet Kitchens takes pride in providing you with customised yet affordable kitchens and understand the importance of good planning and design before you begin your kitchen build.

We take this time with our clients as we know changes are more expensive during the build and after completion where wasted effort, time and materials can occur. We do it once and do it well.


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