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Ghadear Tadros | Kellyville Kitchens and Luxurious Bathrooms

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With a background in Interior Architecture, Ghadear has been working in the kitchen and bathroom industry since 2000. With a passion for customer service, Ghadear believes a great designer must understand the client’s needs, have a great eye for detail, educate and provide information on function and style, and ultimately use their skills to provide a unique, stylish and functional design. Since taking over Kellyville Kitchens in 2012, Ghadear has led and developed her team to deliver custom-made kitchens and bathrooms to thousands of satisfied customers.

Services offered

  • Design Survey (on-site measure up etc)
  • Concept Design/Design Development
  • Design & Documentation
  • Project Consultancy/Management
  • Manufacture and/or Construction/Installation

Specialty areas

  • Kitchen Design
  • Bathroom Design
  • Interior Design
  • Design for People with Disabilities
  • Design for Elderly
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