Choosing a Designer

Good Design = Great Results

When investing in a professional design service, you should feel confident that the person designing your new kitchen or bathroom:

  • is well aware of the innovative hardware available on the market, and will advise on systems most appropriate – for you and your budget;
  • is knowledgeable about the practicalities (or otherwise) of surfaces and materials; and
    shows evidence of continuing professional development. In an industry which is ever evolving, a commitment to ongoing
  • training and product research is essential. Building Codes and contractual requirements change, appliances and materials are continually being developed, and trends come and go – you need to know your designer is at the cutting edge.

Image credits: Ashley Maddison | AM Interior Studio

Kitchen Design

A new kitchen is a big investment, and you need to be sure that the decisions you make will lead to a beautiful and practical space.

Engaging a professional designer is advisable; a good kitchen designer will help you define what a kitchen is to you, and will marry your needs and wants with a practical, beautiful and value-adding design solution. They will consider: 

  • orientation of the home:  what are the areas/rooms adjoining the kitchen, and from which directions will the kitchen be accessed?
  • physical restrictions or safety concerns:  will access to an under bench oven be difficult?  Will overhead cupboards be within reach?
  • cooking styles:  are most meals prepared on the stovetop, baked in the oven or reheated in the microwave or steam oven?  Is space required for a slow cooker, bread machine or top-of-the-range food processor?
  • storage requirements:  is shopping done in bulk? Will a new fridge be required now, or should it be allowed for in the future?
  • budget:  will the kitchen investment be in line with the value of the home?

Image credits: Ashley Maddison | AM Interior Studio

Bathroom Design

Engaging a specialist bathroom designer will make planning the perfect bathroom a lot less stressful.

Your ideal bathroom may be very different to your neighbour’s. To some, it is the ultimate retreat – a place to seek solace and soak away the worries of the day.  To others, it’s like Central Station – churning out the family one by one as each prepares for the day ahead.  Some prefer the bathroom to be minimalistic; others seek solutions to a storage crisis, and have cupboard space high on the list of priorities.  It must always be easy to clean, and a safe place to be. The best bathroom designers will:

  • assess your family’s requirements – no point having a stunning bathroom if it does not meet its users’ needs
  • pay great attention to waterproofing, drainage, falls to floor wastes etc, and have an excellent understanding of the relevant Building Codes
  • advise on the suitability and availability of products, such as tiles, stone, laminate, glass and lighting. A myriad of materials can be worked into a successful bathroom design, but they must be practical in their application

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